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Top tips for Smart planning your project in 2019

Top tips for Smart planning your project in 2019

It’s that time of year again. Some of us love it (a new start), some of us dread it (those dreaded resolutions), but all of us should see it as an opportunity. After all, you can’t turn the clock back but you can plan more wisely as you look forward.

So, what are you planning? Are you planning a house build? A refurbishment? Or maybe you’re simply planning an update at home to embrace the new technologies that have snuck onto the market much more quickly than any of us were expecting! Whatever it is, here’s a few top tips for introducing Smart technology for more efficient and comfortable 2019:

1.     It’s never to early to think big. You might be drawing up the plans for the future home of your dreams or you may be ready to start knocking down walls but either way, think big! If you want to include any Smart technology, the sooner you plan it in, the easier, and cheaper, it will be and the more you’ll be able to include. To use technology that is robust, secure and reliable you’ll want to cable it in properly and if you can include this in any plans before you even get started, you’re making everyone’s job easier from the get-go.

2.     Think about future proofing your investment. Don’t just think about what Smart technology can do for you now – clever lighting, heating, audio – think about what could be added later. Let’s face it, we didn’t realise a year ago how fast the technology would move so we can only imagine what could be added in the future.

3.     Do your research. Don’t be tempted to grab the cheapest items on the market, or even the brand names you’ve heard of. Often, the best technology is offered by names you’ve never heard of, but the experts are well aware of. Ensure that the products you’re investing in are sturdy, intuitive and expandable. Check that they do more than you want them to. Why? Because anyone’s circumstances can change and if you have the technology in your house that can change with you, you won’t regret it.

4.     Make your life easier. Let’s face it, if you’re investing properly in Smart technology, don’t just make it work for you, make it work with you. You might have thought about voice controlled devices around the home, but have you thought about how your home could be ready and waiting for you before you’ve even stepped through the front door? Smart technology can even look after your home whilst your away! Do it properly and your home will be more secure and more comfortable for years to come.

5.     Get recommendations. Find a trustworthy company for your installations. And if you can’t get a recommendation, trust your gut, if you gel with the people dealing with your enquiry it’s generally a good sign. Scientific research has shown that if you combine your fact finding with trusting your intuition, the better your decision-making can be.

If nothing else, this will at least help you think about what you want. Plan well, do it right first time and you can look forward to a Smart future for you, your family and your home.


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