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Collaboration in Action

An image of the Ugot logo and the My VIP Card logo to demonstrate collaborative working

Collaborate: To work jointly on an activity or project.

co-operate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together,
band together, work together, work jointly, participate, unite, combine, merge, link, ally, associate, amalgamate, integrate, form an alliance,
pool resources, club together.

One of the biggest thing we’re advocates of is supporting local businesses, and with that in mind we’re proud to announce that we’re now a Business Partner of the Hampshire based, award winning My VIP Card. The My VIP Card connects the public with local businesses who provide excellent service and unique products with the perk of providing a discount just for shopping locally!

What’s the benefit?

The aim of the card is simple, to help local businesses and to save money.  Did you know that £1 spent with a small or medium-sized local business, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business?

Also, local businesses support local causes, clubs and events, and without local businesses investment (with sponsorship or provision of premises for example) many local community groups could not exist. By joining the My VIP Card scheme and offering discounts to loyal customers we’re ensuring this trend continues.

Save money, support local

Picture of man holding piggybank with money around him on the table.  By fabian banks on Unsplash

My VIP Card holders are entitled to a 10% discount on any Smart installations, this can be either for commercial or domestic projects, and a 5% discount at our online store at www.ugotonline.co.uk

“Support each other and support your local economy”

Building Relationships

Another massive benefit of being a member of the My VIP Card is that we are one of many Business Partners and we work together to support one another. Remember that apple pie I mentioned last week? We all have the satisfaction of knowing we have someone to share it with!

How do we replace Opus systems?

It’s no secret that Opus multi-room systems, having been around for quite a while now, are coming to the end of their natural lives.  Our repair visits are becoming more and more frequent and we’re replacing a large number of MCUs and amps across the country.  Often our clients are putting off the replacement of  their systems because they assume it will be expensive, time consuming and messy, instead opting to repair time and time again.

Here at Ugot we’ve listened to our clients and after hearing the biggest concern “Will you have to pull my walls apart to replace the cables?” we’ve developed an innovative way of reusing the existing cables with new systems such as Control4 and Elan g!  On the whole this means we don’t need to make a mess or damage your walls, it is more cost-effective to replace and can be done much more quickly than a full strip-down.

So, we’ve put together a short video that dispels the myths and puts your mind at rest…Enjoy!

Call us on 02380 253399 or email sales@ugot.co.uk to discuss your Opus replacement.

The Future is Now

Do you remember watching ‘Back to the Future 2′?  I mean the first time around, that’s right, thirty three years ago! I’m not mentioning this to make you feel old (age is just a number, right?) it’s got more to do with how futuristic predictions can turn into reality. 

The film correctly predicted the following: robots – seen in the film refuelling cars, in reality using in manufacturing; hologram cinema – 3D now comes as standard for many fantasy/sci-fi films; wearable tech – smart watches and although not mainstream yet, Google glasses; drone reporters – drones are often used in all kinds of news reporting to get the best pictures; hands-free video games, projection home-movie screens, video-calling and best of all, voice controlled kitchen equipment. It’s quite a list! It may have seemed out of reach then and may even have influenced today’s tech-developers when they were kids, but what interests me most is that today, in the ‘future’, we don’t see them as ridiculous. They enhance our lives, make it more efficient, enjoyable!

Pre-millennium predictions

I came across an article last night that I wrote in 1999 about how the Internet would soon become an integral part of phone usage and daily life. In it I ask whether using a phone to access the news of the day or book restaurants was just hype – I predicted that it wasn’t hype and it turns out I was right! (wipes brow).

Twenty years on and I’m still working in the technology industry, embracing smart technology and all that it has to offer. Just as Marty McFly in his fictional 2015 future is able to rehydrate his mini-pizza using voice control, I too am enjoying being able to talk to various devices around my home. The difference being that I can control my lights, heating and security system both from within my home, and when I’m out and about, not only for convenience but to maintain my home security and to be eco-friendly. I prefer to prepare my pizza from scratch before sticking it in the oven, though. Slower but ever-so-slightly more appetising!

Early days with early adopters

When Ugot came onto the Smart Integration scene in 2006 it was to cater to the needs of the early adopters who were ahead of the pack where technology was concerned. The first iPhone hadn’t even been released and here we were installing home control systems in substantial hi-end pads. But as you’d expect, things have changed. Now, we’re installing in every-day homes, homes where Alexa is playing the homeowners favourite tune and ordering next-week’s shopping. 

Smart integration isn’t something reserved for the younger generations either. If you can talk, or are able to use something to control a screen, you can create a friendlier environment for the way you live. A home owner with mobility restrictions can answer their doorbell, open the door, turn lights on and off, control their heating and even cook their dinner all from the comfort of one place. The one thing that people dread with ageing is losing their independence, the reality now is that Smart homes can enable extend independent living with simple, secure, user-friendly devices. 

Future thinking

We love that the future is here now, that we’re at the forefront of technological changes that benefit every generation, but what’s coming next? Can we predict the direction Smart homes will go? With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s highly likely that all we have to is think about going home at the end of a long working day and all of our Smart devices will interoperate, working in sequence to ensure a welcome arrival, a prepared dinner, clothes washed and dried, a prepared bath and a pre-heated bed with sleep-ready lighting all tailored to your personal timetable. I’ll check back in a few years’ time and see if I’m right!`