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Collaboration in Action

An image of the Ugot logo and the My VIP Card logo to demonstrate collaborative working

Collaborate: To work jointly on an activity or project.

co-operate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together,
band together, work together, work jointly, participate, unite, combine, merge, link, ally, associate, amalgamate, integrate, form an alliance,
pool resources, club together.

One of the biggest thing we’re advocates of is supporting local businesses, and with that in mind we’re proud to announce that we’re now a Business Partner of the Hampshire based, award winning My VIP Card. The My VIP Card connects the public with local businesses who provide excellent service and unique products with the perk of providing a discount just for shopping locally!

What’s the benefit?

The aim of the card is simple, to help local businesses and to save money.  Did you know that £1 spent with a small or medium-sized local business, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business?

Also, local businesses support local causes, clubs and events, and without local businesses investment (with sponsorship or provision of premises for example) many local community groups could not exist. By joining the My VIP Card scheme and offering discounts to loyal customers we’re ensuring this trend continues.

Save money, support local

Picture of man holding piggybank with money around him on the table.  By fabian banks on Unsplash

My VIP Card holders are entitled to a 10% discount on any Smart installations, this can be either for commercial or domestic projects, and a 5% discount at our online store at www.ugotonline.co.uk

“Support each other and support your local economy”

Building Relationships

Another massive benefit of being a member of the My VIP Card is that we are one of many Business Partners and we work together to support one another. Remember that apple pie I mentioned last week? We all have the satisfaction of knowing we have someone to share it with!