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How do we replace Opus systems?

It’s no secret that Opus multi-room systems, having been around for quite a while now, are coming to the end of their natural lives.  Our repair visits are becoming more and more frequent and we’re replacing a large number of MCUs and amps across the country.  Often our clients are putting off the replacement of  their systems because they assume it will be expensive, time consuming and messy, instead opting to repair time and time again.

Here at Ugot we’ve listened to our clients and after hearing the biggest concern “Will you have to pull my walls apart to replace the cables?” we’ve developed an innovative way of reusing the existing cables with new systems such as Control4 and Elan g!  On the whole this means we don’t need to make a mess or damage your walls, it is more cost-effective to replace and can be done much more quickly than a full strip-down.

So, we’ve put together a short video that dispels the myths and puts your mind at rest…Enjoy!

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Got a problem? No problem.

Opus multiroom AV logoWhat do you do when something you’ve bought goes wrong?  Take it back to the shop, receipt in hand? Check the warranty and then call a service centre, safe in the knowledge that your product will be fixed one way or another?  But what happens if the company that you bought the item from no longer exists, or what if it was already installed in the dream house you bought a couple of years ago?

Find an expert who can help

This is exactly what has happened with the Opus multi-room home entertainment system which first came to the market around 15 years ago.  Installed in luxury homes in the UK and in Dubai, the multi-room entertainment system created an experience for home owners that allowed them to access their entire music and film collections throughout their homes using wall mounted touch panels and remote controls.  It’s a great system but since leaving the market a few years ago, Opus has been replaced with state-of-the-art solutions such as Control4 and Elan to name a couple, and there’s only one company in England who can help when things go wrong.

Common problems, easily fixed

You may have had the Opus system installed yourself or be the heir of such a system installed between 2003 and 2012 in a home you’ve purchased.  We are now starting to see an influx of issues with the system, due to its age, but we can help.  Common problems include the touch screens failing, power surges overloading the system following the installation of a smart meter or wireless router, speakers buzzing or humming.  If you have experienced these issues or any others, don’t fret.  We can  diagnose and often repair common issues to keep your system running, as do for home owners every day.  If it can be fix, we will fix it.

Ugot are the only smart integration company in England supporting Opus.  If your system is unfixable, or you just want to upgrade to another system we offer up to £1000 discount even if your system is faulty.

Opus up to £1000 trade in offer

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