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Don’t panic! But don’t hide either.

Don’t hide from the risk of Cyber fraud

Have you seen the news this morning? Apparently, everyone who has Smart devices in their home is at risk from cyber fraud.  This isn’t a new story, in fact it’s one that’s regurgitated every few months to alert the general public to the fact that there is a risk.

If you take the headline on face value you’ll perhaps panic, if you don’t know a lot about the technology, you’ll perhaps panic, and if you know little about cyber security you’ll perhaps panic.  Don’t.  Take this as an opportunity to educate yourself about the risk and review the products you have installed at home.

Take control

If you have a great range of disparate IoT products (Amazon Alexa, Smart TV, Ring doorbell etc) all connecting separately to your wifi – each being controlled by its own app and perhaps not effectively password protected – the chances of you getting hacked are certainly greater than someone who has invested in a home control system, such as Control4.

Home control systems that are networked and properly secured using firewalls and encryption reduce the risk of hacking dramatically.  They ensure that you have full control of your entire Smart set-up, that it is a secure as it can be, and that your products are as efficient and integrated as possible.

Find an expert who can help

Technology is moving at warp speed and it’s important that you stay on top of the possibilities, whether your tech-savvy or not. The reality is, though, if you’re already bogged down by what life throws at you on a daily basis, use today’s headline to inform yourself of what the possible risk is. And if you’re worried that you’re not investing in your home cyber security as well as you could do, get in touch.