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Assistive Innovation In Action

After my blog post last week, Assistive technology in care – money saving or life changing I was contacted by an inventor, Tony Ellis, who dedicates his time to creating advanced assistive care products.  It has really struck me over the past few days how easy it is to be unaware of the challenges that others face in every day life.

If you know about Smart technology then you know about the Echo dot and how Amazon Alexa is transforming lives.  For those with mobility issues, speaking commands are enabling increased independence, but what if you have difficulty speaking?  This is where Tony has stepped in and developed a device that allows Alexa to be controlled using breath only! Have a watch of the device being demonstrated here.

The Altarez Robot can transform lives

It hadn’t even occurred to me that some people would need this, and I guess that’s the point isn’t it?  People like Tony, who has also invented an AT robot, are here to make us aware and through their ingenuity they make the world more accessible for more people.  It shows the importance of how we can, and should, continue to learn, to understand and become less ignorant to the needs of others.

So have a look at what Tony has to offer and when you see it available to buy, when someone is ready to invest in his brilliant ideas, you can say you saw it here first!