iPort offer both in-wall and desktop iPod docks which allow your iPod or iTouch to become past of a who-house (multi-room) entertainment system, or they can seamlessly integrate with almost any other environment, from hotel rooms to restaurants and offices. iPort in-wall offer either audio or audio and video output and either basic IR (infra-red) or full RS-232 control.  


Place the FS-21 or FS-22 in any convenient location and connect it to both your A/V system and your computer.  The range has direct connectivity on the iPod dock and does away with the previous break-out box solution making this the neatest solution yet.

The in-wall range should be installed by a qualified installer, please call 023 8025 3399 form more information.    

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Sonance iPort FS-21 (FS21)
Product Code: FS21
Our Price:£318.12 inc VAT
The iPort FS-21 provides standard audio connections, video output via component, composite or S-video connections for listening to and viewing content on the iPod.
Sonance iPort FS-22 (FS22)
Product Code: FS22
Our Price:£621.20 inc VAT
The iPort FS-22 provides integrated RS-232 control enabling full control of the iPod via compatible RS-232 control system.

Sonance IW-20 iPort Docking System
Product Code: IW20
Our Price:£318.12 inc VAT
iPort IW-20 in-wall iPod dock allows your iPod to become part of your whole house entertainment system providing charging, local audio distribution and direct control access.
Sonance IW-21 iPort Docking System
Product Code: IW21
Our Price:£621.20 inc VAT
iPort IW-21 in-wall iPod dock qwith IR and volume control