Opus Support & Maintenance

Opus Support & Maintenance

Opus Support & Maintenance

Opus Support & Maintenance is just a phone call away

Ugot Smart Integration is the only company in the UK still dealing with Opus on a daily basis.  We have stock of some of the key spare parts for the range of Opus systems and so we can support you and keep your system running.

If you have Opus 300, Opus 500 or Opus 6 then we can generally offer both expertise in resolving any issues and parts and engineering support for hardware problems.

The most common problem with Opus 500 and Opus 6 is either; power failure on the MCU610 or one or more of the DZM20 or DZM100 amplifiers failing.  We can normally repair the MCU610 and we have stock that we can use to replace your faulty DZM20 & DZM100units.  MCU500 and MCU300’s need to be assessed.    If you have strange sound, echoing, or distortion then again, please call us on the number above.

Thinking of replacing your Opus?

We don’t just support Opus systems.  When they come to the end of their life or, when our customers just want a change, we design, install & support a range of tried & tested replacement systems.

We can almost always use the existing cabling so the costs are not as high as you might fear.  We have developed methods over several years, of replacing Opus without making a mark on your walls or ceilings & these methods have been tested in countless replacements with as many delighted customers.

As experts in Opus support & maintenance…

…we can diagnose most problems over the phone but we also offer to come and diagnose and resolve (usually) the problem at your home.  Of course there are some issues that require further work and we will provide you with a quote for any work that we need to undertake.

Conveniently located in Hampshire between Southampton and Winchester, Ugot Smart Integtration is ideally positioned to provide Opus Support & Maintenance across the range including; Opus Octopus, Opus 300, Opus 500 or Opus 6 Series systems. We cover the entire South of England and farther afield as required so please call us for help.

Frequently Asked Questions.

My system has stopped working can you help?
A. As the only active Opus Support & Maintenance provider in the UK, we are perfectly placed to advise you on what can be done but this is dependent on which Opus system you have and which component(s) are faulty. Call us for more information and we can talk through the options.

Q.  My Opus MCU610 powers up then shuts down what is the problem?
A.  In many cases this might is the Power Supply within the MCU itself.  This can be repaired so we just need you to either unplug it and sent it to us or, if you aren’t confident to do that, we can come and collect it and then bring it back and re-install it.

Q.  I have an Opus system that I want to upgrade – what are my options?
A.  Adding zones to these systems is not possible anymore but you can look at other systems.  Upgrading from standard definition to Hi-definition video is possible depending on the cabling that you have installed. It’s best to call us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Q.  Can I add iPad control to my Opus system?
A. Yes you can but we recommend that this is with a third party control system as the Opus ‘App’ is no longer being developed or supported and so it doesn’t work with the latest Apple software releases.

Q.  Can I replace my Opus system with a new system?
A. Yes, there are several options that we can help you with.  We have carried out replacement work for  numerous customers across the UK so we can certainly help you.  We have also developed some proprietary methods to ensure that you system is replaced with the minimum of fuss.  Have a look at either Control4 or Elan g!

Q. Can my Opus system components be repaired or replaced?
A. Some can and some can’t so it’s best to contact us to discuss.  We carry a range of spare parts, especially Opus MCU610* master control units, as well as DZM100 & DZM20 amplifiers.  Call us and we can usually diagnose the problem quickly and give you a price for repair or replacement.

*Repair only

Q.  My Opus Octopus / Opus 300 system has crackling through the speakers / they are quiet / dead – what is it?
A.  In many cases this might be the Power Supply Unit which can be replaced with a compatible unit.  If it isn’t that then it could be either your MCU300 or the keypad on the wall.

Q. Can you re-program my Opus 500 or 6 series touch screens?
A.  In order to do this we will either need your programming file from your original installer, or we will need to start from scratch.  If we need to start from scratch it can be costly so you might then need to look at another control solution and we can help you with that.

You can learn more by watching our video’s below or visit our YouTube channel